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ACEO Gifts: Sing Sweetly, Breathe Deeply by DragonstormStudios
ACEO Gifts: Sing Sweetly, Breathe Deeply
I am blessed with two friends in my life who are incredibly fun to be around. They're also kind, understanding and wise. I was invited to their place today, and as a gift I made these two matching ACEOs for both of them. It's kind of like those little heart pendants one can get, where each half is given to a partner to keep. Notice how the designs merge with each other on the two separate cards!

So both of these friends are very strongly affiliated with the element of the Wind. At least, the guy is! He's a wind spirit through and through. Wind spirits do not truly have a form; they are always changing, evolving, moving. Of course I couldn't just have an empty card for him now could I? So I took some liberty in "giving" him a form, a draconine, birdlike creature with whiskery feathers on his head and a long tail, all extremities fading into the wind.

The woman on the other hand has a bit of fire in her as well. She's a bit more grounded I think, but spunky, free, and just as mobile as him. So I made her a ferret-like dragon creature, one that can run across vast distances with the wind ever whistling through her fur, so swiftly would she run that she would never seem to touch the ground.

They are both such wonderful people. I don't always have such random urges to draw gifts for people, but when I do, I regret absolutely nothing.
It was such a pleasure to make these.

And a word of advice for all my watchers: maybe...just maybe, drawing on a double decker bus isn't a good idea. XD

ACEO 2.5" x 3.5" Illustration board
Acrylics, coloured pencils and inks
The Golden Antelope by DragonstormStudios
The Golden Antelope
"There once was a Rajah who was a miser, and ever sought to get his hands on gold. It just so happened that he got wind of a Golden Antelope who lived in his lands, whose magic left gold wherever she pawed the earth. Mustering his host, the Rajah sought to capture her and become very wealthy.

In the midst of the chase, the Golden Antelope startled a poor orphan boy tilling some soil, and taking pity on the beautiful creature he hid her in a hollow tree. To the boy’s surprise, he saw gold where she veered a turn, and upon hearing the hoofbeats of the Rajah’s men, he took the coins and threw them far along the path.

The Rajah saw that the antelope’s prints stopped in the tilled field and offered the boy some money to tell the truth, but the boy explained that he saw her running farther along the path. Finding gold, the Rajah’s men continued the chase (with the Rajah giving the boy his life, not the money as promised), meanwhile the boy let the Antelope loose. Thankful for his aid, she told him that if he ever needed her help, all he had to do was go past the Old City of Men, go past the Elephant stone, until he reached a land with the singing bamboo, where bear cubs squealed loudly in play, and where tigers would stop to watch the leaves of plum trees descend to earth.

As she departed, the boy learned he was not alone. The Rajah’s sniveling servant, who had stopped prior to gather the Antelope’s cast gold, had seen the exchange, though not heard it. The servant came to the Rajah (furious with the lack of success) and told him what he knew. The boy was brought to the Rajah, who used a trumped up charge to exact a fine of ten gold coins from him as due by sunset the next day – knowing full well that the boy would go to the Antelope for aid – or else his head would be chopped off.

The boy did do just that, and the Rajah’s servant was made to follow him. En route, the boy found some tiger cubs trapped in a hunter’s pit, and he rescued them. The mother tiger, in gratitude, took her “Little Brother” on her back, taking him to the Old City of Men but no farther. There, the boy heard a great and terrible noise, and saw a mighty elephant groaning in pain. An arrow was lodged in his knee. Upon pulling it out, the grateful elephant took him to the Elephant stone, but no farther. The whole time, the sniveling servant made good pace behind him and his unusual mounts.

Finally the boy saw what he was looking for – fields of singing bamboo, the little bear cubs and even the plum tree. Just as the watching tigers were about to pounce, the Golden Antelope came forward. After telling her of his plight, the Antelope gave him the gold he needed by pawing the earth. She also bade him to pluck a bamboo shoot, and with it make a whistle. If he played it thrice, she would come to his aid.

Thus equipped, the boy returned by sunset and paid his fine. However, the servant had returned not long after he did, and declared to the Rajah that the boy had the magic whistle. The Rajah had the flute confiscated, and soon enough the Antelope had arrived as summoned.

“Give me gold!” Cried the greedy man, “Or else the boy’s head will roll!”

“Very well,” said the Antelope, “But first let the boy go.” She bade the boy to stand far away, then said “I will do as you ask, but if you feel you’ve had enough, tell me to stop and the gold will turn to clay!”

At first the Rajah laughed – too much gold? – but soon enough the Antelope was running across his terrace, throwing a great many gold coins into the air as she kicked her legs. All the palace servants had come to see the commotion, and were soon reaching for the mounds of gold, and there was a great chaos in the palace, until the Antelope readied herself on the grand staircase and rained gold down upon the hapless Rajah and his greedy men. The gold was very heavy and they were trapped; soon the Rajah begged her to stop, and even as she said the gold did turn to clay."


Soyuzmultfilm did a movie, based on the story by Rudyard Kipling, of the Golden Antelope. It's an old film but very beautiful, and I like it very much. So much so that I did fanart of it. And you know what? At work today a Russian coworker of mine identified it correctly!

Success? Success.

Watercolours, coloured pencils and ink on 8"x10" illustration board.
Original will be going on sale.
Dual Kiriban 1/2 - Saberuneko by DragonstormStudios
Dual Kiriban 1/2 - Saberuneko
The first of two Kiriban winners is Saberuneko from fA and here is the resulting ink!

What a handsome fella!

Methinks I'm getting better at inkwork, eh?
. u .

Ink on 8.5 x 11 parchmenty paper
Meles the Bard by DragonstormStudios
Meles the Bard

“Meles is here!” Cried the children when the Hirci arrived, a lute slung over his shoulder, and a sack of worldly goods by his side. “Meles is here!” Cried the adults when the Hirci arrived, with his eyes a-twinkle in delight.

Of all strangers in the known world, surely none were more welcome than Meles, for he is the Bard of the people. A wanderer at heart, he never stayed in one place too long, but when he did, the Hirce were glad and made ready a feast. And all night long Meles would strum his great lute, smile and sing for the people. A thousand songs Meles knew and created – and oh how he sang! His voice was as rich as honey, yet could be as thunderous as a storm or as soft as a bird’s breast, and even the adults would listen transfixed as he sang of the world, of stories and of ideas, of wisdom and of mirth.

The Bard of Lindoli travelled alone. Yet none would waylay him or block his path, for doom was great upon those that did! The elders whisper that Meles can calm all birds and beasts, and even trees bend low to hear – and if he were troubled, they came to his call. The children think that the kindly Bard is a god.

And what does Meles have to say about that?

He simply strums his lute, smiles with eyes so bright…and says nothing!


I always wanted to draw a bard. And goat satyrs. And look I'm drawing baby satyrs!

I basically started this on the subway, did most of it at the art meet, and then finished it at home. Ink on 8.5 x 11 paper.

(This is partial homage to the fact that I really like real bards)


Have you guys ever wanted to see how I look like? :D…

Here we go!

A friend of mine was doing her final project for film school, a documentary. She proposed I be the subject to her group and it got a resounding yes so here is the fruit of their labour!

Hope you guys like it. :)


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