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Commission - Summer Bloom by DragonstormStudios Commission - Summer Bloom :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 10 2 Valcourt of Tours by DragonstormStudios Valcourt of Tours :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 41 6 Commission - The Oathbound Paladin by DragonstormStudios Commission - The Oathbound Paladin :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 19 2 Commission - Justice! by DragonstormStudios Commission - Justice! :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 15 0 Karandar the Warpwright by DragonstormStudios Karandar the Warpwright :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 8 0 Commission - Test of Metal! by DragonstormStudios Commission - Test of Metal! :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 17 0 Commission - Test of Mettle by DragonstormStudios Commission - Test of Mettle :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 41 5 Michelle! by DragonstormStudios Michelle! :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 53 9 Haltiel by DragonstormStudios Haltiel :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 15 0 Commission 3/3 - 1885 Benz Patent Motorwagen by DragonstormStudios Commission 3/3 - 1885 Benz Patent Motorwagen :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 23 0 Commission 2/3 - 1949 Invicta Black Prince by DragonstormStudios Commission 2/3 - 1949 Invicta Black Prince :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 36 4 Commission 1/3 - Lotus Elise GT1 by DragonstormStudios Commission 1/3 - Lotus Elise GT1 :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 27 0 Commission - Christmas Cosplay by DragonstormStudios Commission - Christmas Cosplay :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 19 1 Elephant with Tulips ACEO by DragonstormStudios Elephant with Tulips ACEO :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 14 0 Mistletoe Collie ACEO by DragonstormStudios Mistletoe Collie ACEO :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 11 0 Holly Fox ACEO by DragonstormStudios Holly Fox ACEO :icondragonstormstudios:DragonstormStudios 13 0

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Commission - Summer Bloom
Colour pencil and ink commission for a user on Furaffinity.

SO MANY FLOWERS! Almost looks like a tattoo doesn't it? Gold signature added below for extra oomph. c:

The dragon belongs to hir owner, of course.

Polychromos and ink on 8.5"x11" illustration board. I added a bit of acrylics for eye glow detail, and gel gold for the chains on hir fins!

Thank you for viewing!
Valcourt of Tours
"Also known as the "Bastard of Burgundy" because of...well...rather nasty circumstances - Valcourt is an infamous French worm. Some say that he transmogrified himself to harass the nobility of Aquitaine over a gravestone. Others whisper that he's a womanizer who stirred up scandal by seducing a countess. What countess? God knows, probably several of them. There is a rumour that he sent a rather rakish and impudent letter to the Pope himself, along with a peach. Why a peach? Who knows what strange thoughts run in Valcourt's mind, however the dragon is incomparably wealthy and dangerous so few really dare to cross him." - From the Letters of Berengar of Baskerville.

That last part was definitely an Umberto Eco callout, by the way.

He's a well muscled noodle isn't he? With a chiseled jaw, if chiseling could be literal.

Watercolour and ink on 5"x7" Illustration Board

Thank you for viewing!
Commission - The Oathbound Paladin
Some disciples trembled.

The Room of the Convocant was frigid, and though pale lamps flickered around the room they offered no warmth to those about to be sworn in.

The theroid felt no cold, his synthetic muscles were superior to organic flesh and did not suffer their frailites, yet he too trembled. Anticipation in the room was fever sharp and his imagination plagued him. No paladins ever spoke of their oath, or the circumstances that forced them to take their vows before the flames of creation – the fire of their very souls. None mentioned that many disciples could enter the Room of the Convocant but only a few Paladins would serve. All these disciples had going in was their purpose and promise.

After twenty three minutes and forty six seconds, their teacher entered the room. She was a mighty creature, a half-orc who had seen fifty years of bloodshed and killed countless upon the edge of her oath. Today she had shed her mail and plate and wore only a simple robe decaled with the black thunderbolt of their order. Her mouth formed a tight line around her tattooed tusks, and her eyes were glistening coals. Two others joined her, seemingly materializing from the shadows of the altar. They were cowled and tall. The theroid was barely at their waist-height and was easily the smallest disciple in the room, but he looked upon the newcomers boldly. Height was only a challenge, not an obstacle.

“These are your students, Graa?” Asked a cowled figure, its voice rich and resonant.

“Yes.” Answered she.

“Do they have a name?” The other intoned with ritual words.

“We have no name.” The theroid raised his voice to match the others.

The cowled figures descended from the altar, each taking a flaming torch. With fluid grace they wrenched the fire from each sconce and threw it above the disciples, each spark turning violet as descended before their heads and stayed there. The theroid felt the flame reach deep into his mind and soul, ripping through his memories, wrenching every painful and desperate moment through his eyes, every feeling of rage and hatred, indescribable sorrow, all bathed in the violet glow of the remorseless flame. Every sinew trembled and strained under this mental barrage and he felt a desperate need to run, to get out of here, and then he saw himself within his mind’s eye, a jagged stone made round by the storms above the world. Reaching for the stone amidst the howling wind and rain he felt the deck beneath his feet shudder and crack, the skyship yawing starboard and smashing into the mountain face, his crewmates plummeting to their deaths a thousand feet below. With a sobbing cry he crawled through the splitting wreckage to the railing, gained purchase on the rain-slicked steel and leaped, grappling the rock in midair and swinging wildly in the wind. He could hear his friends falling, each voice piercing his brain and screaming a word that he could not make out, nevertheless he held on. Suddenly a massive thread of lightning clove the sky asunder, shattering the rock that he held. Rage and futility filled his heart even as he fell, the sky turning upside down, the ground roaring towards his face, when he swore an oath with his very last breath. In the mindless dark he swore it.

“In my heart I grasp the flame
Spirit is bound by duty
Strength of arms unnumbered
My flesh is bound by purpose.

By the power that is mine alone
I declare myself unleashed
By the bitterness of steel
To vengeance I submit

Raiygh ak-doth bakkol!
By blood I am no more!
Kullay ak-guuldrakkash!
By flame I am reborn!”

Suddenly the world stopped spinning, the Room of the Convocant reformed in his vision. The theroid gasped and raised himself off the floor, noting the other disciples doing the same, though two of them were still, far too still.

His teacher crossed the altar threshold and strode to each of them, raising them off the ground personally. She dipped her head low towards them and each disciple whispered softly. The theroid struggled to his feet as she came to him, bowing low. “What is your name, disciple?” She murmured.

The voices came back, and this time he heard them perfectly. Each voice was crying for vengeance, they were crying his name.

“Justice.” He replied, and closed his eyes.


A commissioned portrait of a theroid Vengeance Paladin taking his vows and getting framed. That graduation photo your folks always wanted. :>

Acrylics on 11"x14" Illustration Board

Thank you for your ongoing support, everyone!
Commission - Justice!
Commission for a user on Furaffinity of his DnD Theroid character Justice.

This is an extended commission obtained from Furnal Equinox. :')

Theroids are synthetics with limited biological processes. They look like rabbits and stand 3.5 feet tall. Justice used to be an airshipman, however as the story goes, he became a vengeance paladin. He wields a greatsword that would be a longsword in a human's hand.

I made his design out to be a combination synthetic muscle and ceramic plate armour. When not covered in armour, his body (for example his muzzle and faceplate) are somewhat translucent membranes that show the inner workings of his body. The ears were designed to be like heat exchange units, and I added wheels to his feet because man wouldn't it be cool if he could retract his claws and go racing across a battlefield?

Can you even imagine getting wrecked by a 3.5 foot tall robot rabbit? That's amazing guys like seriously.

Being short I approve of his message.


Polychromos Colour Pencils, watercolour (background only), ink, and gel on 8.5x11 illustration board

Thanks for looking!
Karandar the Warpwright
A drawing of an fA user's Nerazim Warpwright named Karandar. (If he were Khalai Protoss, he would be a phase-smith). The owner described his physique to me off-hand so I kinda doodled what my imagination said the rest would look like based on Starcraft lore and the said description. :P

Protoss belong to Blizzard Entertainment, Karandar is a character who belongs to his owner.

Watercolour and ink on 5"x7" Illustration board.

(I love drawing protoss! Like holy smokes, best aliens)

Hello folks! So in Furaffinity I'm due to get 1000 followers very soon. This is a momentous occasion so I figure it's worth an Art Thingamajig.

It's a raffle where a random person in my Furaffinity journal gets picked to get a bust done of their character as a traditional acrylic painting. Not just any ordinary bust, however. It'll look like this:

Commission 2/3 - 1949 Invicta Black Prince by DragonstormStudios
Commission 1/3 - Lotus Elise GT1 by DragonstormStudios

AND you'll also get a little written story along with it for your reading pleasure.

Neat eh?

Unfortunately to make things straightforward and not particularly messy, I'll have to restrict this event to FA only. So if you'd like and you don't have an account there already, you're more than welcome to make a temp account just for this. :P

The actual rules of the raffle (how to enter to win) will be laid out when I reach 1000 followers. The important rule is this:

The winner gets a high resolution file of their artwork for personal use but will not get the original piece. The original can be purchased at $130 CAD, shipping not included (it varies too much depending on where the piece is shipped to, and if you want tracking). Therefore if you win and would like to own the original one of a kind painting, it'll have to be purchased independently of the raffle win within a month of the painting's completion. Otherwise all commission terms of service apply.

An FAQ will be prepared for the raffle journal, but if you have any questions you're more than welcome to ask here and I'll reply, then add them to the FAQ if need be.

This is my fA account in question:…

See you there!

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I am a traditional artist who is always interested in exploring new media combinations. With every work I do I strive to improve, and as a result my style is constantly evolving. I enjoy illustration, and my genres often dip into worlds of fantasy and science fiction.

I don't just stick to drawing either. I'm also an avid cosplayer! Whether its sewing, propwork, (Oh yes prop work) makeup and/or acting, I love it! Each costume is a challenge because it makes me to try something I've never done before. If you ever see me in costume, feel free to stop on by and say hi! Maybe I'll draw you something if my arms aren't busy holding up wings. ;D



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