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Venetian Plague Doctor Mask by DragonstormStudios
Venetian Plague Doctor Mask
"...whatever, in the course of my practice, I may see or hear...whatever I may happen to obtain knowledge of, if it be not proper to repeat it, I will keep sacred and secret within my own breast.

If I faithfully observe this oath, may I thrive and prosper in my fortune and profession, and live in the estimation of posterity; or on breach thereof, may the reverse be my fate!" - Parts 8 and 9 of the Hippocratic Oath

Made with craft foam and apoxie sculpt, and some laser cut MDF for the "goggles".

Giveaway prize!

Thanks for viewing. ^^
To Blind a God by DragonstormStudios
To Blind a God

"The Revanines slew men like sheep to honour their god Craw, as they believed that human flesh nourished him, and allowed him to grant his disciples visions of the future.

It so happened that the reavers raided a temple, slew its priests and defiled its sanctuary. The temple was dedicated to the goddess Simbel, and she was wroth. Wrapping dragonskin on her shoulders, the goddess entered the Realm of the Judged with the help of a humble human thief.

Together they waylaid Craw, and while the thief distracted the god with unanswerable riddles, the goddess set her trap.

The sky fell upon them in rage as the pair escaped - the dragon had gouged out Craw's Eye of Destinies, and cast it into the yawning earth.

Without his great Eye, Craw lost his power, and vanished. The Revanines felt this loss keenly - however they took it as betrayal. Infighting tore the disciples apart, so they scattered across the earth, and were lost."

-page 36.a of the Simbellian Codex, ink on duneskin parchment.

(Ink on handmade paper that I did not make, 9" x 12")

Koi Deer by DragonstormStudios
Koi Deer

The Koi Deer, known as the Рыболень (Ribolen') to Slavic countries and Sakana Shika to the Japanese, is a beautiful creature that is incredibly rare. If spotted, this Quilin-esque being was said to bestow incredible fortune and joy to the beholder. But if sought to be captured, it could transform its pursuers into jays. Here is one of the Koi Deer's most well known legends:

The Koi Who Ran on Land

In the middle of the Ancient Forest there was a secret pond. And in the pond there were many carp. They were all finely dressed as if for a ball, and they danced gracefully in the water. They were happy in the pond, but one koi was not. He saw reflections in the water, shifting images of leaves and trees; animals and birds that came to the pond for a drink. And he thought, would that I could see the world there and dance!
One day the River Spirit came to the pond to refresh herself. She saw the beautiful carp within, and sang to them. Most of the koi were not interested, they were too busy dancing in the water. But the young koi fish came to her call. “Hello little one” she said warmly, “why did you come to listen when your family did not?” The little fish explained his desire to the Spirit, and she laughed.
“Bring me four oaken twigs, mud from the pond and a little round pearl, and I will help you.”
The koi did as asked. He found the twigs, used his snout to dig up some mud. But a pearl he could not find. He despaired, but then a miracle happened. An eagle flew overhead with an oyster in its beak. Suddenly a hawk took to mind to take the food, and the two quarreled. In the midst of the quarrel the oyster dropped onto some rocks and broke, and a beautiful little pearl within popped out and sank into the water. The koi saw all of this, and rejoiced as he took the pearl to the waiting spirit.
She took the fish out of the water, put a glob of mud on the end of each twig, and then put them on the underside of the koi. She then rubbed the gasping fish with the little pearl, and whispered magic onto his scales. When she threw him into the water, he stepped out as a creature almost like a painted stag. His fishscales shone in the sunlight – he was a qilin.
“Go and run” Said the Spirit
And so he did.

Koi Deer is a design made up by me, the story made up by me, and it is a birthday present for a friend. ^^

Drawing done in coloured pencil on 8 x 10 paper
Magpie by DragonstormStudios
A craftbuddy of mine gave me a lazy susan to fool around with, and recently gave me the bottom piece as well. While I'm saving the lazy susan for a Viking shield, the bottom piece I wanted to make into something interesting. So an idea popped into my head.

I made a drawing of this for my close friend dragonstormstudios.deviantart.… a while back
Welp, we're closer now. He's my boyfriend.


I decided to make something for him. Mainly cause I enjoy teasing him with art way too much.
This is the end result! I hope he likes it when he sees it.

Acrylics, Inks and Coloured pencils on 8" diameter wooden disk

Thanks for viewing!
Fury of the Dragonstorm by DragonstormStudios
Fury of the Dragonstorm
My first full drawing in 5 months.

It's...surreal. I'm happy!

The character you see here is Valduin, or the Spiderdragon, my own creation. She's basically me. Especially when the fire is brought out. And now she's furious.

11x8.5 paper, Polychromos coloured pencils
Time: I have no idea.

Listened to… on repeat while drawing.

(c) Spiderdragons belong to Dragonstorm Studios

Thanks for looking, guys. c:
Hiya everybody! Dragonstorm here with the latest scoop on what's happening and why she's been so absent.

1. Work! I've been at basically full time work in the architecture industry for the past 4 months, and that has been taking up - of course - plenty of time. The thing about work I found is that while it's interesting, it sucked out my desire to draw at all. I've been slowly rebuilding myself, finding snippets of time to doodle and work before/during/after, but most of the time I've found myself absorbed in making props.

2. Props! Due to connections in the LARP community I've found myself spending more and more time manufacturing boffers and larp props for various events. Besides the point my own costumes, of course. Crafting is amazing, I love learning new techniques and applying them to make crazier and more intricate products. I've been informed about the idea of selling fursuit blanks by my friend :iconred-izak: and have gotten some attention in the making of skull masks (a wolf skull mask is in progress!). I'm excited to share the results with you all.

3. Art commissions are now closed indefinitely. Art for me takes a great deal of time to make, and unlike propwork (for me), it needs a certain mindset that has only recently been resurfaced. That being said, I'll still put up any art I make (I can't stop drawing after all) but it'll mostly be my own work, gifts, and such.

4. I got a new page going!… ; If you have facebook, feel free to follow. Here is a summary of how I'll be using all my existing pages: - All finished products (anything I make!)
Facebook Dragonstorm Studios - Primarily propwork, finished products and sketches, WIPs and plans for future works
Deviantart (DragonstormStudios) - Finished products like art and costumes
Furaffinity - All finished products, props and art and costumes

5. Recently I learned of a Fur con I can reach called Furnal Equinox!

I've done Artist Alleys before, but for big, non-exclusively furry conventions. This would be my first time trying something out like this. Have you guys attended Fur Cons before? What kind of merchandise was on sale? Do you have any advice or experience? Also, I noticed there would be an art show at Furnal Equinox as well - that means I can try selling my original work :D How exciting.

So how has everybody been doing?
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am a traditional artist who is always interested in exploring new media combinations. With every work I do I strive to improve, and as a result my style is constantly evolving. I enjoy illustration, and my genres often dip into worlds of fantasy and science fiction.

I don't just stick to drawing either. I'm also an avid cosplayer! Whether its sewing, propwork, (Oh yes prop work) makeup and/or acting, I love it! Each costume is a challenge because it makes me to try something I've never done before. If you ever see me in costume, feel free to stop on by and say hi! Maybe I'll draw you something if my arms aren't busy holding up wings. ;D

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