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The Demiurge by DragonstormStudios
The Demiurge
"In the heart of the First galaxy was an ancient world, hidden away by the numberless stars. Of all the corners created by the universe, only this place had life at the time of its birth, and it was life most strange. Things were born and things were worn away faster than the blink of an eye. A mountain would rise in a heartbeat then wither with the changing leaves. All manner of things flew and crawled in the primordial wastes, but they had no form that one could see, feel, or know. This is because they were potentials of what life could become. As a potter sculpts some clay and discards old work, so they sloughed their flesh and reformed anew, taking shapes that were hitherto unknown.

But what of their discarded forms? The potential was gathered and cast far into the void. There – a red sun was borne! A nucleus of fusion and immeasurable energy. And there, a blue star! Behold, a massive stone all on its own. A nebula, the fount of metamorphosis.  Beauty and loneliness inscribed into the wholeness of reality and its many pages."

"The Demiurge",
Watercolours, Ink, Gel, Acrylics on 4"x10" Illustration Board
Commission - I Like To Throw Sharp Things by DragonstormStudios
Commission - I Like To Throw Sharp Things
Damn it Kunii!

Commission for a furaffinity user of his sharpshootin, trigger flinger finger chameleon! Actually, he's the first chameleon scalesona that I've seen on either Deviantart or Furaffinity. Eh?


Hope you like it, sir!

Kunii belongs to his owner.

Watercolours, Inks and Gels on 5"x7" Illustration Board
Commission - Envined by DragonstormStudios
Commission - Envined
Completed commission for a lovely mink of her and her beloved gray wolf. <3 For their anniversary besides!

SO CUTE IMA GONNA GET DIABEETUS. (I pray I do not but I know you all know what I mean :P)

Coloured pencil and ink on 8x10 illustration board.

Characters belong to their respective owners of course.
Ninquelindale by DragonstormStudios

Several years ago, my good friend xFreischutz (A most talented artist, do take a look!…) and I sat down at my place and did an art collab together. I came up with the concept, Frei sketched it out, and I coloured with coloured pencils...all on a 24"x36" roll of watercolour paper. The end result became this:

Because I adore Tolkien's work, and have a passion for languages, the concept became a story about a beautiful elven maiden who was made of ice and snow. Hence, I wrote the Ninquelindalë - Snowsong, a theme to the drawing Frei and I made. Ninquelindalë was proofread by a forum of fellow Tolkien fans, and I recently transcribed the Latin letters into Quenya Tengwar, or the High Elven alphabet from Tolkien's Silmarillion.
About a week ago this page came into being.

I love illuminated manuscripts deeply. They breathe knowledge, interpreted graphically in such beautiful ways. So I said to myself, hey, why don't I give this a go? So it happened. I hope you enjoy this page, I might just make more like it, based on songs and stories from pop culture. (Misty Mountains Cold? Song of the Sea, anyone?)

Anyway, without further ado: Ninquelindalë.

"Aurë ná tópina lómenen
Olóri nar lanyaivë mina niquessë
I silossë milya quilë
Ar lóte lostar mi endarya

I ringa hón nyénëa mistë
Lindëa ómainen vanwa ar yára
Pá Laurië auri ar rossëlassi
Ar i lómelindë

Telperiel Fëaringwë
Merilyë i lauca aurë
Mal tetuvas le
Autëal nyéressë

Sírima hón epë Anar
Ata níquëa yo i lómë
I olórë úva pusta



"The day is covered by night
Dreams are woven into patterns of frost
The silvery fallen snow longs for colour
And flowers bloom within her heart

The cold heart laments [with] rain
Singing with ancient voices lost
Of golden days and dew-leaves
And the nightingale

Silver Lady, Spirit of Cold Lakes
You desire the warmth of sunlight
Yet it shall destroy you
Leaving you in grief

A liquid heart before the sun
Again freezing with the night
The dream will never cease

Let it be
Let it be"

Ink and Gel Pens on tea'd up paper
Eyecons - A Wild Spiderdragon Appeared! by DragonstormStudios
Eyecons - A Wild Spiderdragon Appeared!
eww my face

I'm starting to make this really funny thing called Eyecons. I take your character's eyeball and I draw it. :D

This one started as me drawing Spiderdragon's eyecon, hence the hazel eye, but then I added spikes because I really wanted spikes.

They're cool no?

Each Eyecon (see what I did there?) is 3"x3" in size, done in multimedia. It can be coloured pencils, inks, watercolours, acrylics, or gels on watercolour paper. I'll be taking commissions just like this one for Furnal Equinox, and am hoping to get them laminated on site so you can wear them like a badge. :)

Message me if you would like to commission them beforehand and pick them up at the con, or just want one for Reasons.

Hello there everyone! Happy New Year to you all, and I hope this year will treat you well – do you have any plans for 2016, art, life, otherwise? I’m going to be graduating this year if everything works out. It’s almost surreal, and the difficulties were worth it. I’m not talking about the diploma, rather the experience, the learning, and people. They were worth it a thousand times over. That being said, let’s move on to the con plans.

I’ve sold at fairly local cons before, but now I’m sending feelers out to locations abroad! Anthrocon in Pittsburgh and Dragon Con in Atlanta are two such places, fingers crossed that the lottery for AC works out. I’m in for Furnal Equinox though, and Conbravo as well, and am going to be trying out Anime North as well! I’d have tried for What the Fur but the dates between it and Anime North are very tight, so we’ll see what happens. Otakuthon and Faeriefest are also being considered. Maybe one day famous San Diego Comic-con and Eurofurence will see me there, who knows! Any other con suggestions would definitely be considered. :)

Commissions status! Commissions are ||open|| for ACEOs and ink sketches, but are closed for everything bigger than that as I file through the waitlist. My website now has the whole list up and available for perusal here:…

Art status! I was able to find a metal printing group in the US so that’s now on the table. I hope to get those suckers in as soon as possible, cool eh? That being said, I’ve got quite a variety of art types now, so one of the things I’ll be debuting at the next convention is an art pack. Hear me out: each pack will have an assortment of things: large prints, medium prints, small prints, bookmarks, original art sketches, and metal prints inside, for a fixed price. On each bag will be a swatch that lets you know what the theme is of the pack. So – if you see a fire icon, chances are the bag will have a fire theme, with maybe a random water theme here and there. Altogether it would be cheaper to get an artpack than it would to get the work separately! :D And they’ll come in different sizes as well, different prices. Artpacks will also be available on my etsy store once everything is said and done.

Other than that,Arduino tinkering, foam smithing, painting, writing anthologies, and other projects continue apace. No rest for the wicked, my friends. ;)

  • Listening to: Even in Death
  • Playing: With Reality
  • Eating: Flesh
  • Drinking: Fle - wait crap


DragonstormStudios's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am a traditional artist who is always interested in exploring new media combinations. With every work I do I strive to improve, and as a result my style is constantly evolving. I enjoy illustration, and my genres often dip into worlds of fantasy and science fiction.

I don't just stick to drawing either. I'm also an avid cosplayer! Whether its sewing, propwork, (Oh yes prop work) makeup and/or acting, I love it! Each costume is a challenge because it makes me to try something I've never done before. If you ever see me in costume, feel free to stop on by and say hi! Maybe I'll draw you something if my arms aren't busy holding up wings. ;D

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