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Commission - Mise Triptych ACEO by DragonstormStudios
Commission - Mise Triptych ACEO
Hatching Day Commission Order for a user on fA!

At last it's your birdday :B

God this was fun. Look at this bat
Look at it

okay o u o

ACEOs are 2.5"x3.5" in size. These cards were done on illustration board with ink, watercolours, polychromos, and gel pen.

Happy birthday! :3
Mise belongs to her owner of course
Commission - Whimsy Triptych ACEOs by DragonstormStudios
Commission - Whimsy Triptych ACEOs

Hatching Day Commission Order by a user on furaffinity for Whimsydreams!

This was super fun to do! I had free reign on the design of the ACEOs so I chose to pull of an "art moriawase," as it were. Not exactly my full repertoire of different art styles, but it was an interesting exercise.

Another triptych is incoming!

ACEOs are 2.5"x3.5" in size. These cards were done on illustration board with ink, watercolours, polychromos, and gel pen.

Happy birthday! :3
Whimsy belongs to her owner!

Illuminant by DragonstormStudios
"I am a warrior made; a warrior wrought
I channel my will and I temper my thought
My actions speak for me as well as my tongue
A purpose ordained when the stars were young

I am a union lost in sensation
I bleed out the sun upon all of creation
A rhythm of chaos, an order to folly
I beat out my drum to the universe key

Ride to the heavens! Split them asunder!
My will is the merger of tempest and thunder!
The world is a shell; it ripples so hollow
But fill it with reason, and you I won’t follow."

Acrylics and Gel Pens on 8"x10" MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)…
Grommash Hellscream by DragonstormStudios
Grommash Hellscream
Grom Hellscream has always been one of my favourite orcs. I’m not talking about the Warlord; I’m talking about the original Grom. He was an addict to his own demons, damned himself and his people, and in spite of this all he stood up in lethal redemption – freeing his people from the shackles he took up in the first place. It is keenly poetic.

This Grom is a combination of the Warlord rendition and the book descriptions. The book descriptions of Gorehowl were employed to make the weapon you see here, rather than the one modeled in WoW. The bone necklace is a Lord of the Clans reference! :D The ribbon(?) on the bottom has several meanings if you’re willing to think about it. ;)

Gol’kosh, lok tar ogar!

Ink on 8”x10” Parchment-style paper, background photoshopped
Will be made into prints!

(Such mooscles. Mmmmm. Grom pull up your pants plz)

Grom Hellscream, Warcraft Franchise (c) Blizzard Entertainment


Hello there everyone! Happy New Year to you all, and I hope this year will treat you well – do you have any plans for 2016, art, life, otherwise? I’m going to be graduating this year if everything works out. It’s almost surreal, and the difficulties were worth it. I’m not talking about the diploma, rather the experience, the learning, and people. They were worth it a thousand times over. That being said, let’s move on to the con plans.

I’ve sold at fairly local cons before, but now I’m sending feelers out to locations abroad! Anthrocon in Pittsburgh and Dragon Con in Atlanta are two such places, fingers crossed that the lottery for AC works out. I’m in for Furnal Equinox though, and Conbravo as well, and am going to be trying out Anime North as well! I’d have tried for What the Fur but the dates between it and Anime North are very tight, so we’ll see what happens. Otakuthon and Faeriefest are also being considered. Maybe one day famous San Diego Comic-con and Eurofurence will see me there, who knows! Any other con suggestions would definitely be considered. :)

Commissions status! Commissions are ||open|| for ACEOs and ink sketches, but are closed for everything bigger than that as I file through the waitlist. My website now has the whole list up and available for perusal here:…

Art status! I was able to find a metal printing group in the US so that’s now on the table. I hope to get those suckers in as soon as possible, cool eh? That being said, I’ve got quite a variety of art types now, so one of the things I’ll be debuting at the next convention is an art pack. Hear me out: each pack will have an assortment of things: large prints, medium prints, small prints, bookmarks, original art sketches, and metal prints inside, for a fixed price. On each bag will be a swatch that lets you know what the theme is of the pack. So – if you see a fire icon, chances are the bag will have a fire theme, with maybe a random water theme here and there. Altogether it would be cheaper to get an artpack than it would to get the work separately! :D And they’ll come in different sizes as well, different prices. Artpacks will also be available on my etsy store once everything is said and done.

Other than that,Arduino tinkering, foam smithing, painting, writing anthologies, and other projects continue apace. No rest for the wicked, my friends. ;)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am a traditional artist who is always interested in exploring new media combinations. With every work I do I strive to improve, and as a result my style is constantly evolving. I enjoy illustration, and my genres often dip into worlds of fantasy and science fiction.

I don't just stick to drawing either. I'm also an avid cosplayer! Whether its sewing, propwork, (Oh yes prop work) makeup and/or acting, I love it! Each costume is a challenge because it makes me to try something I've never done before. If you ever see me in costume, feel free to stop on by and say hi! Maybe I'll draw you something if my arms aren't busy holding up wings. ;D

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