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“OC - An acronym meaning Original Character. An original character is any character that is not in the series and is created by the author.


If you want to be really technical, an original character is basically anything you make up. It can be an imaginary friend, a farmer the characters in your novel pass by on their way to the castle, or the horse upon which they ride. As you can imagine, folks like George R.R. Martin have plenty of “OC’s”!

More specifically, an OC tends to be a developed character that you have created and envisioned. Some people have many such characters, others have just one that they associate with (for example, fursonas!) For the longest time, I felt like I could never have such an OC. I fretted that it would just keep changing so much that I’d never have anything solid at all. What little Dragonstorm did not realize though, is that OCs do change and evolve with the person, and that makes them richer and more whole.

You may have seen me representing myself as Valduin, my spiderdragoness. Have you ever wondered how I came up with her? Well, here is Valduin’s tale.


 Oooh man this is old! But this is the first form of Valduin, a stingy wyvern with fire problems. I brought out some spider elements in this form, for example, the spider shaped rends on her chest. This chaotic creature would take a more dramatic evolution a few months later, after I began school:

Illumiru Tenebrae


 One day I was doodling and one of my classmates approached me with an odd question: (context: everybody knew I loved dragons, I also had a fondness for spiders) what if you combined them? How would that look? The first such creature I made had literally eight legs: four hindquarters, four frontquarters. A draconic Slepinir, very odd. Then I realized that wings count as limbs, so the next thing I drew was a dragon with four arms, two hind legs, and wings. I also added more elements, like a stinger on her tail instead of a blade. You can still see the spidery pattern on her chest from Tenebraeus, but already things were getting interesting. I called her Illumiru “Strange Illusion” because she made perfect sense in how odd she appeared.

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata || Vertebrata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Arachnagamidae
Subfamily: Arachnagaminae
Genus: Volaculeus 
Species: Caelensis 

Here we go! Fast forward hundreds of thoughtful doodles and two years later, and I finally drew V.Caelensis. She underwent quite an evolution from Illumiru, but is essentially a combination of my old iterations. For one, her belly is no longer fire, but is simply a creamy maroon colour. Her skin is turquoise blue, her arms were repositioned in such a way as to make them make sense (anatomically), and she even got a pair of wings that come from another favourite creature, the beautiful luna moth. Finally, a design I am relatively satisfied with. Relatively of course, meaning that she can change any minute, but I’m content with her form right now. By the way, Volaculeus Caelensis means “Winged Stinger of the Sky”. Cool, eh?

 I need to redraw her now because I’ve come up with a wing design, but my dear Valduin already has several drawings of her available, courtesy of some incredible artists. Here they are for you to see.


By the ever fantastic :iconqzurr:

Kylfu is a user on Furaffinity, he does fantastic armour design of his choice on a character. I encourage you guys to check out his work, it’s impressive!


This was done as an art trade with mrs. :icontaalaruhun: ( ;) ) I was delighted to see this~

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I am a traditional artist who is always interested in exploring new media combinations. With every work I do I strive to improve, and as a result my style is constantly evolving. I enjoy illustration, and my genres often dip into worlds of fantasy and science fiction.

I don't just stick to drawing either. I'm also an avid cosplayer! Whether its sewing, propwork, (Oh yes prop work) makeup and/or acting, I love it! Each costume is a challenge because it makes me to try something I've never done before. If you ever see me in costume, feel free to stop on by and say hi! Maybe I'll draw you something if my arms aren't busy holding up wings. ;D

What kind of artwork would you like to see from me? 

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philip-estrada Mar 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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You are an amazingly talented person!
Thank you for making all of those beautiful and breath-taking artworks :icondragonhugplz:
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Doton-Element Mar 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Your gallery is so awesome!!! O.O

thanks for faving!!!
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New name, ey? owo
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Thanks for watching. :ahoy:
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Hey, I'm the Zebra that said "I'm stalking you on D.A" :3
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eggmanslim Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your work! You incorporate so much personality into each and every piece! It's really something else.

So of course I have to add you to my +Watch list! ;) (Wink)

And if you have a moment, take a look at my gallery, and if you like what you see, put me on your +Watch list as well!
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Happy Birthday! Hope it was amazing!
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happy B-day, My canadian dragon. x3 -jellifies you- x3
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